What Makes Us Different

Smarty Pants Childcare strives to be different than other childcare providers in the sense that we cater to the high social and emotional needs of children. We understand that reading, writing, colors, and shapes are important, but making friends, managing emotions, conflict resolution and self-help skills are important too.


Why a Child’s Social-Emotional Skills are So Important

According to Psychology Today, there are many ways you can promote social-emotional skills. These skills include:

  • Self-awareness - the ability to recognize your emotions and understand links between those emotions, thoughts and behaviors.

  • Self-management - regulate your emotions, thoughts and behaviors.

  • Social awareness - the ability to take other’s perspectives and to be empathetic.

  • Relationship skills - to build and maintain healthy relationships with others.

  • Responsible decision-making - to make good choices about your behavior and interactions with others.

As we develop social-emotional skills, we set ourselves up for success later in life.